• Audio post production

    Klangkulisse provides sound editing, foley, sound design, ADR recording and re-recording for video and film with Pro Tools HD 5.1 Surround, Ediload, Edicue, Ediprompt, Revoice Pro, Source Live Pro and Izotope RX.

  • Mixing

    The Klangkulisse takes care of your sound and provides you with the right sound mixing for your work. Cinema and TV mixes are part of our technical services. With tact we work on the message you want to convey with Avid Pro Tools 11 HD up to 5.1 in an optimized acoustic surrounding. The Klangkulisse is the good sound etiquette.

  • Library Music

    The Soundscape composes and produces music for film and advertisements. Browse the music archive, or let your musical ideas be professionally produced. The Klangkulisse is the good sound etiquette.

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The Soundscape is the sound designer and multi-instrumentalist Horst Schnattler, based in Graz, Austria. Together with a team of exclusive composers and producers, he offers a wide range of sound and music. In 2013 he accomplished his Bachelor of Arts degree in Musicology and after that he founded The Soundscape, a sound studio specialized in the supply of audio for all kinds of media designers. He professionalized his skills as a radio producer at the Austrian Broadcast Agency (ORF) and, in addition, as an arranger in a sound studio.

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Helbling, Kelag, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Joanneum Volkskundemuseum, die 7. fakultät, Montagsakademie, G+K Bewegungstechnik, I-Punkt, Kistl Theater Graz, Bionic Babies, Der Kugelblitz, Mindlife, My winning coach, Nesse, Trigonale, XXKunstkabel, Lab42,
Eco Technologies, Cargo Center Graz, signSTUDIOS, Der Anblick, Freie Galerie, Salon Deluxe

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Horst Schnattler, BA

Tel. +43 676 901 55 15, E-Mail:
Koerblergasse 27/35, A-8010 Graz, Austria
Firmenbuchnummer: 391494b
UID: ATU67451866

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