• Audio post production

    Klangkulisse provides sound editing, foley, ADR recording and sound design for video and film with Pro Tools HD 5.1 surround, Ediload, Edicue, Ediprompt, Revoice Pro, Source Live Pro and Izotope RX. Klangkulisse adds the right tone.

  • Music Composition

    Klangkulisse provides music composition and research services. We deliver music that suits your project perfectly, supporting your message. Music from Klangkulisse adds an emotional touch to your project. We can either compose an individual score or search for existing music in our library of selected Austrian composers.
    Klangkulisse adds the right tone.

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Klangkulisse is a post production house in Graz, Austria. The studio is equipped with surround sound in a treated room. We use an additional recording room for foley sounds. The driving force behind Klangkulisse is Horst Schnattler, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in musicology. He professionalized his skills as a producer at the Austrian Broadcast Agency (ORF) and now provides a full audio post production service.
Klangkulisse adds the right tone.

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Horst Schnattler, BA

Tel: +43 676 901 5515, Email:
Mandellstrasse 6/5, A-8010 Graz, Austria
Commercial register: 391494b
VAT ID: ATU67451866

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